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Heather's Run Coaching offers programming for everybody who is or wants to become a runner.

Whether it's a specific race or distance goal, training for a new PR, chasing the unicorn BQ, or maybe you just want to become a stronger, more efficient runner. Coach Heather's programming will help you prepare, train safely and progressively, all while building your confidence as a runner to achieve your goals!

Pick what works best for you-

Run Plans, 1-1 personalized coaching, or in-person run club (seasonally, located in Lafayette, CO). 

Coach Heather

Run it. You are strong & capable!

Coach Heather is passionate about helping others believe in themselves, their training, and their abilities. She has been working in the fitness industry for over 15 years - from club management, personal training, small group training, youth conditioning, large bootcamps and much more. BUT one of her favorite ways to train herself and others though is RUNNING! 

Heather is here to help you build your confidence in your run. To help you set BIG goals to work towards and chase them down. To give you the coaching and guidance for success.

Whether it's running continuously for X amount of time/distance, training for your first next big race, or chasing that unicorn to get that BQ - she's here for it! Her run plans are dynamic and easy to follow, they allow space for flexibility and adjustments because each week and person can vary, but she also keeps you dialed in to focus and work towards your goal through consistency in your workouts and supporting you through the ups and downs any training day may bring.

Heather lives in Erie, Colorado, has been married  11+ years and has 2 young daughters. Her favorite distances to race are half and full marathons, but is always up for a 5K/10K race too - she loves it all! Heather and her husband make it a goal to travel out of state annually to race in a new city each year, but also find joy running wherever they visit, regardless if there's a race.

She would be honored to work with you on your upcoming running goal!


  • Bachelors in Health and Exercise Science | Health Promotion

  • Road Runners Club of America Certified Run Coach

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • 3x Boston Qualifier

  • Full Ironman x 1 & 70.3 Ironman x 2

  • Trained 100's of athletes over the last 15+ years

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